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Well, that happened. This is entirely my (Anne’s) fault — life got hectic on various fronts, and we didn’t solicit enough submissions, and I forgot to put writing this newsletter on my TeuxDeux app (and if it’s not on the TeuxDeux, it’s not getting duxn) and before we realized what…

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When my ex-fiancé learned I was writing a memoir about our breakup, he added a paragraph to his next woeful email. It began “I worry that your new book in the works will portray me as an awful monster.”

He went on to simultaneously own his “deeply hurtful behavior…towards the…


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Baltimore, MD — May 15, 2021

GE is proud to announce our newest ultrasound product, forthcoming in summer 2022: the Mantis™, affectionately known at GE headquarters as ‘Shrimpy.’ Like its ocean-going namesake, the Mantis™ ultrasound machine looks just a little bit evil and can detect a wide range of complex…

What defines a mother? Does she need to be blood related to a child, or just consider that child to be family? Does her child need to grow up, does she need to raise her from infancy to adulthood?

These are the questions our May pieces wrestled with.

On Mother’s…

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Note: this piece originally appeared on on May 12,2021

I began this year with a resolution to prioritize my writing, despite having a plate so overloaded it was bending at the edges. …

Please tell me you (like me) never tire of flowering trees

Yeah, yeah, yeah – this is yet another ‘spring has sprung’ email. And we’re behind the curve, as marketing trends go, too.

April has been a pretty wild month over here at Moments Between. Both Magda and I have had a lot on our plates, and there were some touch-and-go…

We’re looking for prose, poetry, and illustrations that illuminate the miniature tender, bold, bittersweet, tragic, swoon-worthy, and spicy moments you share with the people you’re connected to (either happily or unhappily). This may include lovers, friends, family (however you define it), or some unexpected relationship.

Examples of the kinds of…

Last year, when I was lamenting for the millionth time to anyone who’d listen that I couldn’t find a publication that focused on the many tiny nuances of human relationships that I love to read about, I had a realization: maybe, instead of wishing the exact thing I wanted to…

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  1. “Hmm, but how are you really?”

2. “Grief is grief. Nobody is keeping score, and it’s not a competition.”

3. “My weekend was good, thanks — we took the kids to their school’s Halloween parade. They were both astronauts.”

4. “Do you want to see a photo?”

5. “I know…

My 2021 planner, with appropriate customization (image from my Instagram)

This time last year, I was lonely, bored, and generally unfulfilled — I hated my job in finance, surrounded by conservative ’80s types and felt myself slipping away from my writing. So I did what I usually do when I’m feeling underwhelmed: I overwhelmed myself.

Look, this isn’t a habit…

Anne H. Putnam

Writer, Editor, Person who makes cakes. Love to make things awkward – no such thing as too much vulnerability. EIC: Moments Between

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